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On this page we publish information about interesting events that happen in Kazimierz Dolny (connected with culture, art, tradition and religion).We also want to inform you about what is going to happen in Wiatrakowo (here we’ll try to describe all our activities).

Exhibition of Jacek Zaima photography: Since June in Wiatrakowo there has been an exhibition of Jacek Zaima which our guests can admire; we invite everyone else to Jacek’s website at

From 7 to 14 July Młynarzówka was occupied by the group of people playing drums under the leadership of Kazimierz Klicki. The music and the participants splendidly blended into the climate of our abode. Using drums for a week, they tried to drive the rainy clouds away from above the town while practising for the Saturday concert on a barge in Warsaw Czerniakowska harbour.


We have placed a few photos from Friday farewell concert in the garden… Thank you for playing and singing together till the wee hours. Special thanks to Magda and Kuba for unforgettable vocal improvisations by the bonfire and to Jarek for making the photos accessible.

According to our predictions, the neighbouring birds have learnt a few rhythms, so thanks to them we can still hear you music. We are planning some more of these workshops in the near future. All the details will be available on our website or at as soon as known.


From 9 to 15 July we had The second Festival of Music and Third-Rate Musician Tradition, Klezmerzy.Pl in Kazimierz. We were honored to have a chance to assist this cultural event and entertain its organizers.

Every year in August, the Kazimierz Film Festival is organized,  we look forward to it every time … for further details visit our website or look for Kazimierz Dolny portal:

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